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Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama "pointy-headed" - I think so ! - read

A McCain spokesman called Obama "pointy-headed" and reminding people that he had once said poor folk in Pennsylvania clung to their guns and religion out of bitterness. He also pointed out that Obama lived in "a frickin' mansion," which he "bought in a shady deal with a convicted felon," and earned $4 million last year.*The campaign then issued an ad linking Obama's home purchase to Tony Rezko, the aforementioned convicted felon (on fraud and bribery charges, for those of you scoring at home) whose wife purchased land next to Obama's when the senator bought his current house. Letting the influence-peddler help him, says Obama, was one of his greatest lapses in judgment.

Are we going to let his laps in judgment overflow into our government????????? Instead of using his head he seems to copy what others do. Is he going to be like Clinton and bomb an aspirin factory??????? Jack

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