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Friday, October 24, 2008

This pretty well puts things into perspective.

This pretty well puts things into perspective.

Let's See-----

.A Guy named Joe, who happens to be a plumber with ambitions for a bigger business, questioned and challenged a Guy named Barack, who happens to be running for President of the US/Leader of the Free World…

And withing 24 hours the Media has given us more information about Joe's life than they've given us about Barack's life in the past 18 months.

Thanks to a diligent press corps, we now know about Joe’s professional licensing status, his income tax situation, his employment history, his domestic squabbles, his voting record, everything associated with his personal identity; his education…. It’s probably been reported somewhere whether he wears boxers or briefs.

Thanks to a lazy press corps…We still don’t know what grades Obama made in college; how he got into Harvard; when he met Bill “the bomber” Ayers; when he stopped doing illegal drugs; his medical history; whether he still smokes cigarettes; the extent of his affiliation with socialist/communist organizations; why he’s no longer a licensed attorney; whether he lied on his Bar application;----

Whether he’d qualify for a security clearance if he were just an “average Joe;” what passport he used to travel to Pakistan in 1981; who his ex-girlfriends are; whether he was or still is an Indonesian citizen; why his Kenyan grandmother insists he was born there; whether he was ever legally named Barry Soetoro or anything else besides Barack Hussein Obama-----;

Why he needed the help of a crook to purchase his family home; where he was on Nov. 6 and 7, 1999; what the long-version of his birth certificate says; why he helped an anti-American, pro-Islamic candidate for Kenyan President against US interests; why he listened to Rev. Wright’s sermons for 20 years; how many times he took his kids to a Rev. Wright sermon; what he actually did as chair of the Annenberg Challenge; the depth of his relationship with ACORN…
Well, you get the idea.
But, really, I am SO relieved that the Mainstream Media has done its job vetting Joe The Plumber, who is NOT running for public office, but who had the AUDACITY to challenge Barack Hussein Obama, who wants my vote for President of the United States of America."

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