Sunset News: Activist judges will review Prop. 8 challenge in CA.

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Activist judges will review Prop. 8 challenge in CA.

Activist judges will review Prop. 8 challenge
Charlie Butts and Jody Brown - OneNewsNow - 11/7/2008 6:00:00 AM
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Lawsuits are being filed to challenge Proposition 8, the voter initiative that overturned the California Supreme Court's ruling legalizing homosexual "marriage."

Supporters of traditional marriage conducted a successful petition drive to get it on Tuesday's ballot in the Golden State. Homosexual activists could do the same -- but, if successful, it would not go on the ballot for two to four years.

Brad Dacus of the Sacramento-based Pacific Justice Institute says there are two reasons why the courts are being used again. "They're attempting once again, of course, to thwart the will of the voters of California by another lawsuit," says the attorney. "We at the Pacific Justice Institute will not take this lying down."
Reason #2 -- the composition of the California Supreme Court has not changed.

As Dacus explains, the same justices that legalized homosexual marriage, albeit temporarily, will be the ones that would make a final decision on a lawsuit.
"But if they decide to strike down this amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman; if they decide to do that after unilaterally redefining marriage themselves just a few months ago, ...without question every one of them will be taken out of office," Dacus warns. The public, he believes, will not be satisfied with judicial activism a second time.
On a related matter, pro-family activists in the Golden State reportedly are already working on another initiative. This one is education-related, and would give parents greater rights in protecting their children from controversial instruction relating to sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Passage of Prop. 8, says Dacus, was the "first battle in protecting the rights of parents who do not wish to have their children indoctrinated to accept lifestyles that violate their convictions of faith."

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