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Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote with you head not your heart

VOTE FOR THE RIGHT PERSON! Vote with you head not your heart.
Well tomorrow is the big day. We vote for freedom or to lose freedom. It is sad that our wonderful country has to come to this point. Obama wants to spread the wealth. Says he won't tax the middle class or the poor. The poor doesn't pay taxes. The rich already pay 80% in taxes. How can they pay more and make money to pay your wage. Simple ans. they can't. What happens? They close and move there business to a country where taxes and lower wages exist. So what does that do to you? You are out of a job living off the gov. . Where does the gov. get the money to pay you? From taxes. If business moves out of the country and you aren't working then the gov. can't get any money. That leaves you with out money for food, clothes, rent and house payments, you can't buy the new TV or car you wanted , and are lucky if you have a 1 room apt. to live in with your 5 kids and yourself. Do you want that??????? Think about it before you VOTE. - Obama hasn't run a business . How can he run the gov. Now go out and vote but vote with you head not your heart. -Jack

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