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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Please go here and sighn this

If you haven't done so please go here and sighn this -
David Martin, Executive Vice PresidentMedia Research Center
Jack, Every day when we read the news, we are reminded of what weconservatives are up against... an emboldened media not the least bit interested inreporting the truth, but rather poised to push theirslanted liberal views and radical agendas furtherdown the throats of the American people. a liberal leadership in Congress eager tosweep conservative ideology to the far corners ofCapitol Hill. The liberal agenda cannot succeed if scrutinized by conservative talkradio--and they know that. That’s why we believe there is everyintention of reinstating the Fairness Doctrine, better known asthe "Censorship Doctrine"... and gagging conservative talk. Of course the liberal mouthpieces are saying otherwise--andfrankly we would expect nothing less. They don't want you orme or anyone else in America to be on-guard when this"Censorship Doctrine" re-appears. Because the only way for liberals to truly succeed is if we donothing--falling on our swords and refusing to fight. + + Now is the time to stand up and be ready to rumble! We are ready, Jack, and going into the Christmas Seasonwe want to send a message that says as much and more... But weneed your help. ++ 50,000 Petitions Needed By December 31 Since launching the Free Speech Alliance and petition to stop theFairness Doctrine, more than 34 organizations have joined thecoalition to protect our Free Speech Rights. In fact, we've added 12 organizations since our lastupdate just two weeks ago! Momentum is building, but we want to make certain it continues tobuild throughout the Christmas holidays, so we’re turning to ourfearless MRC Action team and specifically you, Jack,to make that happen. Please forward this message to 30-35 friends, and explainwhat will happen if we don’t fight to preserve our freedom.Let them know what will happen if our conservative speechis indeed gagged, and encourage them to stand with us byclicking here:

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