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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Free SpeechRights

I have just taken action to stop the attacks on our Free SpeechRights, and I'm asking that you join with me by clicking here: + + Will The Fairness Doctrine Silence The Conservative Voice? Will 2009 usher in a fanatical push to re-instate the so-calledFairness Doctrine? Such a move would effectively silence theconservative voice and remove the last conservative strongholdagainst a fast-moving liberal agenda. One need only read the words of DianneFeinstein to see the true threat to conservative speech that isbrewing on the horizon! "Talk radio tends to be one-sided. It also tends tobe dwelling in hyperbole. It's explosive. It pushespeople to, I think, extreme views without a lot ofinformation ... I'm looking at the [Fairness Doctrine]...Unfortunately, talk radio is overwhelmingly one way." Recognizing this threat, the Media Research Center has createdthe Free Speech Alliance which is a coalition of organizationsand citizens strongly opposed to any such move to limit orundermine our Free Speech Rights! Please take a moment right now to join the hundreds ofthousands of Americans who oppose the Fairness Doctrine andall that it stands for by clicking here: for joining with me.
P.S. If the liberal voice in America has their way, the FairnessDoctrine will end conservative talk--including Rush, Sean,Laura, Mark, and a host of others. Take action today by clickinghere:

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Wonderfulhaven said...

Thank you for such an informative blog. Its great to find conservative media in a liberal-consumed world.