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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama's Response to KY Ice Storm!

Obama's Response to KY Ice Storm!

>> >> In case you were wondering... on tonight's news, nine days after the
>> >> record-breaking ice-storm in Kentucky and the surrounding area, I
>> >> heardwhere Obama had finally declared the area a national emergency
>> >> disaster area! Wow! Nine days to react... and his administration still hasn't
> done anything!
>> >>
>> >> My sister-in-law lives in that area and she's been unable to live in
> her home for the past nine days! It took her several days to even get to a
>> >> phone that worked so she could tell her relatives she had survived. No
>> >> one in the government has lifted a finger to help her... or probably
>> >> will. We know more people are affected in this area than in New
>> >> Orleans
>> >> after Katrina! We ! know the Kentucky governor called up every single
>> >> national guardsman the day the disaster struck! We know 101 county
>> >> officials previously declared their counties as emergency disaster
>> >> areas... yet neither Obama nor FEMA have shown up! Federal agencies
>> >> couldn't even act until Obama declared the area a disaster area today,
>> >> nine days after the time needed! Where are the FEMA trailers? Where is
>> >> the heavy equipment to open the roads and repair power lines? Most
> areas still don't have power! It's cold outside and the sick and elderly
> don't
>> >> have heat and many have already died! Where is the media telling of
>> >> the
>> >> plight of the poor, the sick, the elderly, and those who have already
>> >> died?
>> >>
>> >> How does this compare with Katrina? Bush declared the area a national
>> >> emergency disaster area before the hurricane even came ashore and the
>> >> coast guard and other emergency people were making rescues before the
>> >> storm even moved out of the area. He was harshly criticized for not
>> >> arriving ! to personally survey the area for three days. It's been
>> >> nine
>> >> d! ays and where is the leadership in the Obama administration?
>> >>
>> >> In Kentucky there are many children and the elderly are still stranded
>> >> without government assistance... but where are the tear-jerking
>> >> stories
>> >> on the news? Tonight the only report I heard was an uplifting story
>> >> indicating how people were coming from as far away as 500 miles to
>> >> help... but nothing about FEMA's failures to react! Our church in
> Oregon sent a team of about twenty folks about 2,000 miles to help during
>> Katrina, and there was an outpouring of help from all over the
> country... but instead of the uplifting stories we hear now about the help people
>> >> are getting... all the media reported for weeks on end were pitiful
>> >> stories about tear-jerking cases showing people who had slipped
>> >> through
>> >> the cracks and had received no government aid.
>> >>
>> >> Obama and FEMA have totally failed in this national emergency and no
> one cares... and the media is doing everything possible to be sure you
> don't know about it!

>> >> Just! thought you would like to know!
>> >>

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