Sunset News: A massive energy tax

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A massive energy tax

Now that everyone has admitted that the left’s call for global warming legislation is just a massive energy tax, it should be much easier to convince the American people this is a policy they want no part of. The New York Times profiles Renee Daniels-Hanner of St. Louis, Missouri who now has an electricity bill averaging $160 a month in winter and $250 a month in the summer. According to Renee’s power company, AmerenUE, if cap and tax would become law, their cost to produce would double. Renee told the NYT: “We can barely afford what we have now.”

1 comment: said...

As Politifact has already pointed out, that is a lie.

Leave it to conservatives to not worry about the truth. That's party of why the voters took all your power away.