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Sunday, June 14, 2009


The following is taken from the comments section of an article on entitled “A GUN FOR MY WIFE” posted June 11, 2009. Says it all, in my opinion. ~

Posted by Suzy Q in Oh
(06/11/09 - 10:49 PM)

Its sad that people are being encouraged to own guns here, guns kill many people every year. The best thing to do is call the police if someone breaks into your house we need more gun ban laws.

Hi Suzy Q....
When I went through my second police academy we listened to a tape of a call made to police by a woman home alone. Well, not exactly alone.
The tape starts out with her reporting a prowler, then telling the operator that someone was breaking in.
This was followed by a few screams (some were cut off), a grunt or two, and then the woman sobbing and crying.
Then we heard the police arrive to 'rescue' her. They had driven as fast as they could but just didn't make it in time to stop the forced rape. A seasoned veteran at the time, I've never forgotten the sound of utter helplessness and terror in her voice, and the frustration and pain in the voice of the officers who arrived. The intruder/rapist didn't have a gun. He didn't need one.
Last year I heard another tape. It was the voice of an older woman who heard someone breaking in her home. She shot him and called police to report the unlawful entry. Her voice can also be heard threatening to 'shoot you again' if he didn't stop moving.
Which tape do you reckon I enjoyed the most?

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