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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Public option is NOT about “choice

The White House still seems to be clinging to the idea that they can fool the American people into believing that the public option is about “choice and competition” and not the road to government-run health care that it really is. Witness Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius using the phrase “choice and competition” once every 16.7 seconds in this CNN interview, or White House spokesman Robert Gibbs uttering the same phrase once every 8.7 seconds on CBS. Fortunately, the American people are not falling for this deception. A new poll out today by NBC News shows that 47% of Americans — a plurality — oppose the public plan, versus 43% who support it. A shift from last month’s NBC poll when 46% said they backed it and 44% were opposed. The truth about President Obama’s public option is slowly sinking in with the American people, and they don’t like what they are learning.

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da patriot said...

The Democrats are more bewildered than anyone. They are so used to selling their tyranny to the people with only Utopian platitudes. So they just kept repeating the talking points expecting a different response.

So, they keep saying “choice and competition”, but the American people are hearing "power and control".