Sunset News: 60 Senators Vote for ObamaCare and turn there backs on freedom

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

60 Senators Vote for ObamaCare and turn there backs on freedom

60 Senators Vote for ObamaCare and turn there backs on freedom

The Senate just voted to advance the Obama-Reid health care takeover bill by a vote of 60 to 39. If the bill ultimately passes, every one of the 60 Senators who voted for it tonight will be responsible.

Everyone knows that any health care bill passed by this Congress and signed by this President will allow the government to take over our health care system in a way that rations care, increases taxes, explodes our debt, and kills jobs. Nothing is going to happen during the Senate debate to change that. By voting to allow this bill to come to the Senate floor tonight, each of these Senators provided the crucial vote needed to pass this dangerous bill.

Every Senator who voted for this legislation tonight should be voted out of office, and SCF will specifically target any swing-vote Senator who tries to fool their constituents into believing they are not responsible for passing this bill.


Pikey said...

The Senators voted this bill because they believe the Americans have a fair right and freedom to proper medical care, and it's not just only for the rich who can afford medical insurance.

James said...

there = their

Not sure how you can construe voting to debate a law as turning ones back on freedom.

Health care is a legitimate use of tax payer dollars. I don't like the way it's being handled in the current version, so I'm not defending the bill that is currently being debated, but as a statistician I recognize the current course of events as unsustainable. When another 5% of our gross domestic product is being spent on health care, things like military spending will be in jeopardy. What will you say then?