Sunset News: CAP-and-TRADE is ALL PAIN NO GAIN

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Thursday, November 05, 2009


Here is the TRUTH about CAP-AND-TRADE...

IT IS A HUGE TAX ON ENERGY - a tax on everything we use to heat, cook, drive, make, grow and DO!

IT HURTS AMERICANS - the "Green Jobs" supposedly being created by this plan are a myth. The reality is countless Americans will see an exorbitant rise in gasoline and utility prices, jobs will be sent overseas where there are no environmental constraints, and our standard of living will be greatly diminished.

IT IS BASED ON FAILING SCIENCE - more and more skeptical scientists from around the world are debunking Al Gore's alleged "consensus" about man-made global warming. Did you know over 31,000 scientists now say "there is no convincing scientific evidence" that man-made carbon emissions are having any significant impact on planetary temperatures? In other words, those scientists see no evidence of a climate crisis!

IT WILL NOT HELP THE ENVIRONMENT - Even President Obama's own Environmental Protection Agency admits the policies imposed by cap-and-trade will have no detectable impact on global CO2 levels or temperatures.

CAP-and-TRADE is ALL PAIN NO GAIN - "All pain" to American citizens with "no gain" to the environment or our economy.

For months, economists have been warning about the disastrous consequences of cap-and-trade policies. Recently the Obama administration privately concluded a cap-and-trade law will cost American taxpayers up to $200 billion a year. That is the equivalent of hiking our personal income taxes by 15 percent; a cost per American household as high as $4,600 a year!

Cap-and-trade is a direct result of Al Gore's global warming con job. He continues to distort science, mislead Americans, and stampede a gullible Congress into rash actions with his climate change fear-mongering. Although Gore's apocalyptic vision may be deceptive, this dangerous Congressional cap-and-trade plan is a tragic reality.

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