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Saturday, April 02, 2011



While growing up in southern PA, I was taught to respect my elders; always tell the truth; respect authority and be the best person that I could possibly be. I was taught to go to church; pray for those in need and say the pledge of allegiance at school and formal functions. I honored my father and mother and respected those in positions of authority and was told to ask questions if I didn’t know the answer to a subject.

With my country in the awful shape that it is in, I need to ask some questions and hope that somebody can answer them honestly.

Why are we trillions of dollars in debt? Why am I paying in excess of $3.50 per gallon of gasoline when there is a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico? Why are we not drilling for the billions of barrels of oil in our own mid-western states? Why can’t I see a Nativity scene at my church anymore at Christmas? Why aren’t my grandchildren allowed to say the pledge of allegiance in school anymore? Why do we have US troops on the 38th parallel in Korea and none on the Mexican border? Why do the US Supreme Court Justices vote on issues based on their political beliefs rather than what the Constitution dictates? Why do politicians look directly into the TV cameras and tell bold faced lies? Why can’t the two political parties try to work out solutions to our growing problems instead of acting like kindergarten children? Why did I teach my children to tell the truth when they are branded “Whistleblowers” by the news media for doing so? Why am I branded a terrorist or a racist if I disagree with the President but radicals can burn the flag and they are merely expressing their 1st amendment rights? Why is abortion allowed but there are laws about experimenting with animals? Why is pornography so rampant on TV and the internet but you better not utter the word God in public? Why won’t the President refer to terrorists as “terrorists”? Why aren’t the people who constantly milk the welfare system required to take drug tests when honest people are required to do so when applying for a job? Why can’t I tell the truth like I always have? Everything today has to be politically correct. (Being politically correct is lying) Why don’t the Liberals of the world want to hear the truth? Why do 86% of the residents of this country profess to be Christians but we bow down and cater to the 14% of radicals who are calling all of the shots but we do nothing about it? Why does the President want to take my money and give to those who don’t or won’t work? Why am I taking the time to write this because nobody really cares? Do You?

I assume that we are to blame because we are responsible for putting these people in office. Quite possibly we might want to consider all of the consequences when we go to the polls the next time around. Frightening isn’t it”


James R Myers

717 Gobin Drive

Carlisle, PA 17013


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