Sunset News: Obama is going to tax us out of existence

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obama is going to tax us out of existence

President Obama has signaled he will allow his stimulus tax cuts to expire in just two years. And he wants to raise taxes on small businesses, on corporations, and on investors. Not to mention his plan to enact a trillion dollar energy tax on all Americans. States are also moving to approve major tax hikes too. So the left should enjoy Americans’ brief ambivalence with their tax burden while it lasts. The backlash is already brewing

Small business and corporation will pass there rise in taxes on to you with higher prices. Your energy bill will double . Where will you get the money to pay for all of this ?????????? Obama is going to tax us out of existence.


The Hawg! said...

But, the middle class is going to get that huge tax break!

And how many people actually believe that? When we do get taxed to pieces, will Obama's supporters even acknowledge the big lie or care?

Chris Wysocki said...

Tax break? Don't spend the $400 bucks in one place! My school tax went up by more than $400 this year!

"Cap and Trade" is going to raise energy prices to stratospheric levels. We won't be able to afford to heat our homes.

Yet here in New Jersey our State Treasurer is on record saying we are not taxed enough. It's impossible to be more out of touch with reality.